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    This section of the documentation contains detailed information relating to developing, deploying and distributing apps on each of the platforms supported by Marmalade.

    You can use any Marmalade API and be sure that it will build and run on all platforms (extension APIs will build and run but simply do nothing on an unsupported platform).

    Marmalade is designed so that you can start coding, get a build running in the Simulator and then get a test build running on any device with minimal setup or knowledge of the device being deployed to.

    Typically, you do not need to set any deployment options apart from setting up signing certificates on platforms that need them (most notably iOS).

    However, there are important things to bear in mind for each platform, both when coding and when creating deployments, plus you may want to tweak builds differently for certain OSes and devices.

    The guides provide important and useful information for each platform, including:

    • How to setup desktop and device to deploy to each platform, notably signing/certificate setup
    • APIs and features that have platform-specific behaviour
    • General tips to keep in mind during development
    • Overview of deployment options, links to detailed deployment option lists and info on using advanced features like custom manifests
    • The platform-specific procedures for making and installing deployed apps
    • Detailed guides to distributing builds to major stores
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