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    As a Marmalade developer, you have access to a world of 3rd party integrations to help enrich, connect and monetize your Marmalade apps. A full list of these, including open source components, is available on our Developer site.

    Marmalade Partners

    Marmalade Partners are companies we are working with directly to make their middleware and services available to Marmalade developers. We’ve grouped these together into categories below, to help make it as easy as possible to find the right Partner components for your apps.

    Featured Partners

    Within each of the categories above, Marmalade has chosen Featured Partners.  With these Partners, we have worked closely to ensure their APIs are available as easily as possible to Marmalade developers.  In many cases the Integrations themselves are included within the Marmalade SDK itself, and all that is required is a sign-up process with the Partner.

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